WFH WHS & Policy Compliance

Work with a supplier who understand your WHS needs with comfort and function in mind. 

WFH policies and WHS checks 

Throughout COVID, businesses sent staff to work from home which was a great solution and practice that continues today. Businesses like yours are now working backwards to ensure WHS checks and company policies and procedures extend to employees working remotely to prevent litigation in the future due to injury, both physically and mentally, or damage. 

Our Consultants are WHS certified and available to inspect both your employees home office environment and your workplace environment. 

Our simple process and ability to support customers with timely supply of Australian Certified furniture and tech is why businesses continue to work with us for their office kit outs and home office packages. 

Reliable Sourcing through Australian Vendors for Businesses

Where we don't hold immediate stock, we have partnerships in Australia that give us access to the latest technology and furniture. 

Our vendors strictly adhere to National certifications, ensuring the furniture we provide is ergonomic, functional, comfortable and safe. 

In addition to providing complete work from home packages, we also have a range of breakout meeting furniture and décor range to help style your space. 

If you are needing to support Work From Home Employees, or are wanting more information on our office kit outs,, email us at

When improving an employees home office, introducing a third party can help to objectively view the employees space and remove potential litigation in the future