Monitor Arms

Bring your screens eye level and declutter your desk with our durable range of monitor arms. 

Frequently Asked Question:

Q: How do I choose the best monitor arms for my needs?

We have put together a full "How to select the best monitor arm for your home office" guide with a checklist on our blog to help you understand the differences between our monitor arms and which would best suit your workspace and needs. If you are still unsure how to choose the best monitor arm for your workspace needs, you can email our customer support via our contact us page and we can happily assist you with any questions you may have.  

Q: How much should I spend on monitor arms? 

There are a range of different options of monitor mounts and arms depending on your budget, space and requirements. You can see the full range of our monitor arms on our website for the price range. 

Q: What is VESA? 

VESA is an acronym for Video Electronics Standards Association which is an organization that sets technical standards for the electronics industry. The VESA mounting standards allow interchangeability regardless of the mount with a uniform mounting size.   

Q: How do I know if my computer monitor is VESA compatible?

To know if your monitor is VESA compatible, simply look at the back of the monitor to see a 4 square or rectangular hole screw pattern. The most common VESA sizes are:

  • 75mm x 75mm  
  • 100mm x 100mm 
  • 200mm x 100mm

Q: Do monitor arms sturdy? 

Monitor arms will have movement in the arm the higher and further away the arm moves out from the fixture. However, investing in a quality, reliable brand will reduce the chance of a flimsy, cheap quality product.

Q: How does a monitor arm fix to the desk?

The 2 ways of fixing a monitor arm to the desk are: 

  1. C Clamp fixture - a C clamp that secures to the edge of a desk. This way of fixing your monitor arm allows you to adjust the position/location of the arm however this does require space behind the desk. 

  1. Grommet fixture- where a hole in the desk is required and the monitor arm fixed by passing the screw through the hole and fastening the grommet underneath the desk. This is a much more tidy and sturdy option however does require a permanent hole in the desk.  

Q: Will a monitor arm damage my desk?

If you have good quality office furniture and your monitor arm is fitted correctly then your monitor arm should not cause any damage.

For C clamp fitting monitor arms, you may like to place a piece of wood board between the desk and the clamp to assist in distributing the weight of the arm and the monitor, however it is not a necessity. 

Each of our monitor arm products outlines the suggested desktop thickness in the specifications at the bottom of each product page. 

Q: If I have 2 computer monitors, is a dual arm or two single arms a better solution?   

This decision is very much dependent on your office space combined with personal preference. If you have a larger workspace and prefer to have the monitor arms independent of each other with more range of motion then two separate monitor arms are the solution for you. However, to have a more compact yet still functionality of being able to move your monitor arms, a dual-arm mount is also a good solution.  

Refer to our checklist from our blog article "How to select the best monitor arm for your home office" which will guide you through some questions which will help you select the most suitable monitor arm product for your home office needs.

Q:Are monitor arms a better solution than a monitor stand? 

Overall monitor arms are the best solution for a home office space from a practical, comfort and safety perspective. They provide the flexibility to adjust and change the monitor height and position creating a dynamic work environment. A classic monitor stand is a very limited solution, therefore if you are looking to invest in creating the most functional workspace for your home office or gaming den, then a monitor arm is by far the best choice. 

Q: What tools do I require to fit a monitor arm to my desk?   

Each monitor arm requires slightly different tools for installation however these are often common household tools including:  

  • Screwdriver 
  • Allen key  
  • spanner  
  • Drill - only if you need to create a hole in your desk for a grommet fixture monitor arm.  

Carefully read the instructions before installation for details on what tools are required.

Q: How should my monitor be positioned?

Based on the Australian Standard AS 3590 - screen-based workstations, a monitor should be set at a distance where you can easily focus on the screen without straining, approximately at an arm's distance away. The height position of the monitor should be so that the center of the screen is at about shoulder height and the toolbar on the screen is at eye level.   

You can read more about the positioning of your monitor arm via our blog article "How to select the best monitor arm for your home office"  

Q: How do I install my monitor arm? 

All of our monitor arm products come with easy to follow instructions. If you have difficulty installing your Work From Home Shop monitor arms, please get in contact with our customer service via our online contact form.  

Q: Does my monitor arm come with a warranty? 

All our products and services are covered under Australian Consumer Law. For full details on our product warranties, see our product warranties page.