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How to select the best monitor arm for your home office

08 Mar 2023 0 Comments
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With so many monitor arms now available, some with only slight feature variations, different qualities and a range of price points, it can be a very difficult process understanding which monitor arm best suits your personal needs. 

Here at the Work From Home Shop we have put together a comprehensive and practical guide to help you make the right decision when investing in computer monitor arms for your home office or gaming den. 

The guide will assist you to understand;

Demonstration of Monitor Arm

What are the different types of monitor mounts available?

There are three main options to mount your monitor for your home office or gaming set up and the best option for you really depends on how you use your office space and the way you use your monitor. These three options are; 

  1. Fixed mounts and monitor stands

  2. Monitor Arms 

  3. Wall mounts 

Fixed mounts (usually supplied with the monitor) and monitor stands are a basic method of mounting and are sufficient if you don’t need to adjust or move your monitor; however, these options are limited in the positioning of your monitor. 

Monitor arms provide a much more adjustable and flexible solution for your monitor position, especially if you have a sit-stand office setup or need to move and share your monitor for demonstrations. 

Wall mounts are the most permanent option with your monitor being fixed to a wall. This type of monitor mounting is often not practical in a home office setting unless you want to completely maximise space and will not be needing to move your office furniture setup. 

What are the different features in monitor arms?

Although the overall functionality of monitor arms are the same, features vary slightly between different models in order to cater to different purposes. 

We have listed and explained some feature variations you might like to consider when making your purchase decision;

Single, Double, Triple or Quad Arm mounts: This feature obviously depends if you work across a single, multiple screens, or even a monitor screen and laptop.

Lighting: Some monitor arms include lighting within the arm to create an ambient work or gaming space.

Cable management: Some monitor arms come with built in cable management systems or equipment to create a tidy and safe works space. 

Internal spring mechanism: An internal spring mechanism provides ultra smooth monitor adjustments and ensures safe weight bearing of the monitor. 

Detachable VESA plate: For an easy and safe installation you might like to consider purchasing a monitor arm with a detachable VESA plate so that you can fix the plate first to the monitor and then onto the arm. 

Warranty: A good quality monitor arm will come with some form of product warranty. This is a good indication of the quality of materials and the manufacturing processes used for the monitor arms. (Our monitor arms have lifetime warranties). 

Tilt, Swivel and Rotation Range: These 3 movement factors are very important for you to consider when choosing which monitor arm to purchase. Identify how you would like to move your monitor screen and how much space you have to move it, you can then decide the degrees of movement you need from each joint of the arm. 

The image below demonstrates each movement point. 

Why do I need a monitor arm?

A monitor arm is the most practical and functional solution for a home office or gaming den if you are wanting the flexibility to move the position of your computer monitor. Having your monitor screen mounted to the correct height is extremely important to reduce neck and back problems, eyestrain and fatigue especially when working for extended periods of time in front of a screen. A monitor arm also is the perfect solution for a sit/stand office set up having the flexibility to adjust your screen when transitioning between sitting and standing positions. If your work also requires collaboration or demonstrations with colleagues or customers, then a monitor arm will make this work style a lot easier with the ability to tilt, swivel and rotate the screen for a dynamic workspace. 

What is a VESA mount?

VESA stands for Video Electronics Standards Association and is the non-profit organisation that sets standards for the display industry (eg. televisions, computer monitors, workstations & consumer electronics). 

VESA has created a set of mount interface standards for mounting equipment manufacturers and monitor manufacturers so that mount sizes are the same across different flat screen display and mounting equipment brands. 

If your monitor and monitor arms are VESA compatible they will have four holes in a square pattern at varying distances depending on the size of your monitor. Meaning, that you are able to purchase a monitor and monitor arms and if both are VESA compatible then you will be able to mount them easily together. 

Below is our range of VESA compatible monitor arms;

Understand your work from home space or gaming space requirements

The most practical starting point when effectively choosing your monitor arms is understanding what it is exactly you require from your work from home space or gaming space by getting clear on what you need from the space functionally, then you can categorically compare features from different styles and brands of monitor arms to select the most suitable option for you. 

Below is our “Understand Your Workspace”  checklist for you to consider; 

  • How much physical space do I have for my home office or gaming space? 
  • Can I create a permanent set up or does the workspace need to be packed down every day? 

  • What type of desk do I need? 

    • A classic seated desk or

    • Sit to stand unit?

  • How much time will I be spending working from home or gaming? 

  • Do I need to share or demonstrate on my monitor with colleagues or clients? 

  • Do I want the flexibility to change the location of my monitor? 

  • What is the lighting like in my work environment? 

    • Do I have natural light? 

    • Do I need more light? 

    • Do I want ambient lighting? 

  • Do I need to use one or multiple monitors 

  • Where are my power points 

  • Do I need a cable management system 

Once you have a clear understanding of your workspace requirements after going through this checklist, you can then choose the features of each monitor arm and select the best monitor arm option that ticks all of your requirements.

Knowing the 2 types of fixtures for monitor arms and 6 quick tips to mounting monitor arms correctly

Most of our Work From Home Shop monitor arms are supplied with 2 types of fixtures to secure them to your desk. Please read the specifications for each product to determine which one is supplied. The best fixture for the installation of your monitor arm will depend on your space and how you want to use your monitor arm;

  • C Clamp fixture: This method of installation allows the flexibility for you to move the location of your monitor arm around your workspace when needed however, due to the clamp securing to the edge of the desk, it does require space at the back of the desk. A point to consider if your desk is against a wall.

  • Grommet fixture: A more permanent solution to installing your monitor arm as it requires a hole in the desk where the screw passes through and secured with the grommet under the table. This provides a neat and tidy installation however you will need to decide on the permanent position of the monitor arm.

For a clear understanding of the two options, see below the image of our RGB Lighting Gaming Monitor Arm that is supplied with both the clamp fixture and the grommet fixture.

RGB Lighting Gaming Monitor Arm -

Our six quick tips to installing your monitor arm

  1. Ensure your space is clear and tidy so you can lay all the pieces of the monitor arm out.
  2. Have a soft towel or blanket handy to place under your monitor. Especially if you need to have your monitor face down.  

  3. Before starting, ensure you have all the tools necessary: screwdriver, drill (if making a hole in the desk for a grommet fitting), spanner etc - check the instructions of your monitor arm to determine which tools you need. 

  4. Before starting, clearly read the instructions and make sure all the pieces of your monitor arm and monitor are there. 

  5. If your monitor arm is supplied with a removable VESA plate, secure the plate to the back of your monitor first before securing it to the monitor arm.

  6. Have a second person to assist with the final mounting of the monitor onto the monitor arm 

What is the best position of your monitor?

The positioning of your monitor is very important to reduce neck and back problems, reduce eye strain and fatigue. The amount of time we are now spending in front of our screens means it is very important to have a well positioned monitor combined with regular breaks away from the computer to ensure comfort when working. 

Based on the Australian Standard AS 3590 - screen based workstations, a monitor should be set at a distance where you are able to easily focus on the screen without straining, approximately at an arm's distance away. The height position of the monitor should be so that the centre of the screen is at about shoulder height and the toolbar on the screen is at eye level.

If you require help setting up your work from home office or gaming space or you have any questions about any of our home office products, our team can assist you in designing and selecting the right equipment and furniture for your needs and budget.


Contact us via our online contact form  and we will be in contact to help create the perfect, ergonomic space for your work from home space.

See our full range of furniture, monitor arms, tech and accessories on the product page of  our website for the endless solutions for any home office or gaming space.

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