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5 tips for back to school and making homework a breeze for your kids.

08 Mar 2023 0 Comments

With the starting line of the school year just around the corner, prepare your children for the upcoming 12 months and get organised with our 5 top tips to making homework a breeze for your kids (and the whole family).

Homework & back to school - Work From Home Shop

1. Start and maintain a homework routine prior to school going back

It is perfectly normal during the school break to lose our routine, holidays are meant for us to enjoy some downtime from everyday life and the busy school terms. However, to make the return to school that little bit easier on both yourself and your children, start implementing some form of homework routine well before the school start date. This could look like: 

  • Going to bed at a consistent time the week prior to school starting back
  • Getting up at same time every morning for two weeks before term

  • Prepping clothes for the following day etc. 

  • Writing out tasks, jobs or activities for the next day on a homework planner 

  • Planning out their breakfast meal before going to bed

Children thrive on routine and consistency so by creating those patterns prior to the first day back at school, your kids know well in advance what to expect and as a result helping them understand and adapt to change much more smoothly. 

2. Create a dedicated and personalised homework study space

Having a dedicated homework/study space away from distractions such as the television,  will help keep your child’s homework organised and will encourage them to sit and focus. Ensure that the desk has adequate space, a comfortable and ergonomic chair with plenty of light. Encourage them to make the space their own by letting them choose stationery, storage, accessories and maybe a decorative plant.

3. Get involved with your child’s homework - take the opportunity to bond!

Our children are exposed to an enormous amount of learning stimulus during their school day so it can be mentally and physically draining for them when having to do homework. Try this tip of making homework a shared re-cap of their day by encouraging your child to “teach” you the activities and exercises that need to be done. Naturally your child will demonstrate the skills and knowledge they have learnt at school. This can be a fun twist on the traditional way of approaching their homework tasks and they will thoroughly enjoy the bonding and connection time you have together. 

4. Help your child to make their own plan

Encourage your child to make their own plan - whether that be a weekly plan, daily plan or a homework/project plan. This will give them the skills of organisation and responsibility as well as giving them the feeling of ownership of their learning. Make it fun also by having them map out their plan with fun stationery items such as our Desktop Whiteboard and Storage. These are the perfect back to school organisational accessory with plenty of storage underneath for pens, clips and cables with the added feature of a whiteboard top for creating lists and notes. Reduce your paper waste and get organised! 

Storage Box - Work From Home Shop

5. Most importantly, celebrate your child and their homework improvements

Children adore being acknowledged and encouraged. This can be as simple as saying, “You did so amazing today.” They love to know you see them thriving. Encourage your child to be themselves and do their best, no matter what that looks like. Find out what makes them flourish, and support them in exploring and discovering. Children learn in many different ways: some learn through reading, some through doing, and some through seeing, so be open to the fact that what works for one of your children might not work for the other, and that is ok. The key is to encourage them to compare themselves only to themselves. 

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