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Travel Product Solutions for Remote Workers - Work From Home

08 Mar 2023 0 Comments

Here at Work From Home Shop we have curated a range of quality and reliable products to support your remote working experience. Whether you work from home, are a remote worker who travels or are wanting some tech for your fixed desk – we can help.

All WFH Shop branded products come with a minimum 12 month warranty, meet the maximum requirements for national certifications and have been tried and tested by individuals who work remotely. We take pride in our ability to provide solutions with high quality products and support. 

Below you will find a guide of our favourite products suitable for working on the go;

Work From Home Shop Guide - Travel Product Solutions for Remote Workers

Foldable Keyboards

Foldable keyboards are a great solution for people who want to reply to emails on the road or action admin or data entry while on-site - without auto-correct getting in the way. Consultants are beginning to preference foldable or portable wireless keyboards as they allow the user a convenient keyboard layout that results in a more efficient and higher volume of accurate word output. Reducing typos and rework later.

Portable Keyboard - Work from home shop


Foldable Keyboards - Work From Home Shop

Why we love these: When these fold in half they are only slightly larger than a smartphone so most of us carry ours in our laptop bags permanently. The keyboards also hold a long charge, so we aren’t having to charge it every other day. Specs here

Portable Monitors

Our 15.6 inch portable monitors are a great solution for a portable second screen. One of our team members is a photographer and has found these are a great solution for showing clients their portfolio while on-site. Simply plug it into your laptop, face the screen toward your customer from where they are sitting, and you manage things from your laptop. 

“It’s a professional way to show clients results without them having to watch me go through the motions of finding the photos or opening the albums. I was just moving the album to their screen once I had it ready. I also found these useful throughout COVID as we were able to maintain social distancing.” 

The slim design allows these to slip in alongside your laptop in a standard 15.6-inch laptop bag. With built in speakers and a screen protector these are great for travelling. Specs here

Portable Monitors - Work From Home Shop

Portable Dual Attachable Screen

Take your office with you with our dual screens that fit securely and simply over your laptop. (11 – 17in). The triple laptop screen concept has been a favourite before the store even opened. As of two distributors in Australia, we support customers from enquiry through to installation and support long after.

We’ve noticed the looks as we’ve used these in public and have had many conversations as people stop to check them out. Now that we are officially live, we’re looking forward to helping set up remote workers with multiple screens – anywhere! 

Triple screen monitor - Work From Home Shop

Portable USB Diffuser

These portable cool mist diffusers are a safe and convenient way to neutralise odours in your car or create an ambient sent in your work space. Simply add water and a drop of your favourite essential oil and let the diffuser do its work. The diffusers light up and are mess free.

Portable USB Diffuser - Work From Home ShopDiffusers In Car - Work From Home Shop

Organic Lotions and Serums

We’ve partnered with the Dope Skin Co to bring you a trusted and safe organic skincare. 

Sitting in front of the heater or aircon for extending periods of time during your work day can lead to dry skin. The team at Dope Skin Co have formulated organic hemp-based lotions and serums using quality natural ingredients full of antioxidants, fruit and vegetable to extract essential vitamins and nutrients that benefit your skin. The soft finish leaves your hands feeling instantly hydrated and smelling fresh. View our range here - for the complete range visit

 Organic Lotions and Serums - Work From Home Shop

Backpacks for organisation

A real necessity for travelling workers - laptop bags with adequate storage, strong materials and bonus features. Both of our stocked laptop bags are suited for people who travel with tech and need additional storage to organise items.

For more information on each bag visit our travel section

Cable Tidy

Remove the frustrations that jumbled and loose cables bring. These soft nylon cable tidy's are a great solution for your home office or travel bags. Organise your cords ahead of time so that when you arrive at your destination you plug in either end and the cables remain together and tidy. Select from two different lengths here.

Logitech Pointer - Work From Home Shop

Logitech Pointer

If you’re like half of our team, you don’t like being in front of an audience or being the centre of attention – but often, with success, comes public speaking! These presenters can be used from 10 metres away so you can present from the back of the room or far left and make the presentation the focus. Easy to use, small to transport and run using AAA batteries that can be purchased from almost any shop. More here

Digital Skipping Ropes

Most aches and pains are caused by long periods of sitting. We’ve found these light weight, cordless digital skipping ropes to be a great solution for a quick workout from your desk.

The LCD display keeps track of your rotations (skips), calories and time. Pair this with our Smartwatches to keep track of your activity for the week – we all know it only counts if you track it, right?

When 3pm hits and your starting to fatigue – get up and give us 20! Short bursts of exercise have been linked to an improvement in concentration. Grab yours here.


Smart Watches

These Bluetooth 5.0 smart watches are responsive and durable for everyday use. With the ability to track steps, km's, calories, sleep, blood pressure and blood oxygen levels you'll retain a snapshot in the complimentary APP of your health day to day. 

In addition to the health monitoring the watch can receive notifications such as text message, email or social media notifications so you know when an alert is urgent or not. Additional features include music control, alarm, stopwatch, daily weather and using the watch to take photos from your phone.


Why we love these: The parents in our trial group agreed that the push notifications reduced interruption while they were with family or friends as they could tell quickly if the email or text was pressing. An additional feature everyone enjoyed was the ability to set the home screen with your own personalised photo.

Wireless Headphones

The hunt for a good pair of wireless headphones was much longer than we expected. As parents and travellers, we wanted our headphones to tolerate being thrown in a bag, running on a quick charge, and fitting comfortably when we wear them for an extended amount of time.

We’ve selected our favourites from Lenovo. Wireless, foldable, compact and comfortable.


We hope this has inspired you to invest in some quality and functional products that help you work more productively whilst on the go. 

What's in your travel bag? What have we missed? Leave your comments below. Thanks for reading!

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