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Black Friday at WFHShop

08 Mar 2023 0 Comments

Black Friday is coming…

Shop our Black Friday Sales and save big on our range of tech and office furniture and further discounts from our larger vendors.  

Are you a WFH'er yet? Our VIP's will receive early access to the Black Friday landing page and further discounts to show our appreciation for their support.

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When is black Friday?

Black Friday is always held on the last Friday of November, making November 25 the date to remember this year.

Tech and home office is big on the agenda this year as we continue to see more people working from home or outside of the office in some capacity.

If you don't need anything new for the home office, you can grab a bargain for Christmas gifts (hard to buy for Dad's love tech!), Teachers gifts, Birthday presents - all of those occasions where we wish we'd put something away while it was cheap! 

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How long do Black Friday sales last?

Black Friday in Australia is the same as it is everywhere around the world. The Black Friday Sale started as just one day, but it has quickly morphed into something much bigger than that. Spurred on by Cyber Monday, the Black Friday Sale usually lasts five days, through to Tuesday. Throughout the sales period you will find most sites promoting:

  • Big brands
  • Even better deals
  • Great value
  • Top tech
  • Heaps of stock
  • Huge reductions

What are the best Black Friday sales?

It depends on what you’re looking for and what you can save to get it. If you’ve been wanting to get some quality big brand tech but the price tag has prevented you from doing so, Black Friday is a great time to shop as some vendors have huge discounts on of up to 55% off.

At the WFHShop, we’ll be having two Black Friday sales. One for our VIP email subscribers released the day before and then the sites Black Friday Sale will go Live early on the 25th of November.

You can expect to find big brands like Lenovo, Panasonic, HP, Cisco, Logitech, Microsoft, Nikon, Panasonic, Phillips, Pioneer, Samsung, Seagate and more. Our sale includes free shipping within Australia and we ship same day so you can receive your new gear quicker!

Why shop with The Work From Home Shop (WFHShop) on Black Friday?

Our products are the same products you can find in bigger chain stores direct from the same manufacturers so you can be sure the quality and reliability of our stock holds true. We are competitively priced and pride ourselves on out after sales support and customer service. We are Australian owned and operated and all furniture and tech sold on the site confirms to the highest Australian standards and certifications. We have a great returns and warranty policy and we’re here to support you.

How can I join the VIP list for further deals?

Easy! Head to our website and add your email to our mailing list at the bottom of the home page and we’ll email you a private landing page and discount code on the 24th November.

If you don’t want to subscribe to the WFH’ers community, you can bookmark our page and check back on the 25th for some great deals!

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