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Home Office Spring Clean Checklist

26 Oct 2022 0 Comments

Does your home office need some attention? Is there dust and piles of paperwork that need sorting? Cables everywhere? Maybe your desk is covered in coffee mug rings? Well you're not alone. Through winter while it's cold and miserable we tend to introduce heaters, blankets and warm meals - all of which can add to the chaos of a home office. With the warmer weather here, it's a great time to refresh your space and have a spring clean. 

Download our home office spring clean checklist and take back your space!

Spring cleaned home office - wfh

“When home feels out of control, no matter what the reason, unsettledness and anxiety can seep in, and then the chaos becomes internal as well as external.” —Myquillyn Smith,

How your space directly impacts your mindset

If your office becomes cluttered and messy, you will have the tendency to drift into other areas of your home to escape the anxiety of our messy office space. Clutter can also cause distractions that reduce productivity aswell as affecting our moods and ability to focus. We all work more efficiently in a clean and tidy workspace.

Throughout winter our home office has different needs. Heaters, blankets, warm soups with crusty bread, closed windows and diffusers. With these comes crumbs in the keyboard, stagnant air and dust and clutter. All of which can affect your mood and ability to focus. 

Spring is the perfect time to schedule a thorough spring clean of your workspace whether thats a home office with a desk, a section of the kitchen table or a shared space. Don’t avoid the mess, embrace it, and see it as a way to spring into spring with a productive and fresh positive mindset. 

Your guide to decluttering

Cleaning your home office doesn't need to be a chore. Make it fun. Put some music on, put a tv show on and watch it while you organise or call a friend and have a chat over loudspeaker. Make it an enjoyable task and a break from the ordinary. 

To help you out, we've created the following steps to help you tackle your home office spring clean. We've also provided this and more in our free spring clean checklist which you can download above. 

  • Create a thorough list of all the areas you need to tackle. Writing a list will help you declutter your mind.
  • Take a minute to ensure all your computer files are sorted and up to date.
  • Back up those computer files. Your computer is most likely the heart of your work from home business. Everything is centred around technology and the best thing you can do to back up your business is to back up your files.
  • Sort and organise your paperwork. Gather everything together and sort it into three piles:
  • Needs to be actioned
  • Needs to be filed
  • Needs to be shredded
  • Empty all your draws and throw away those pens and highlighters that are no longer useful.
  • Review your office supplies and create a list for anything that needs replacing.
  • Gather together all your cords, those pesky charging cords that never really have a home or a place to live. You can pop them clear bags and label them identifying their purpose – iPhone charger, iPad charger, laptop charger etc. One of your freshly clean draws is not the ideal place to store all your cords in one place.

Chemical Free Cleaning

Avoid using harsh chemicals in your work space. The harsh chemicals can cause headaches and damage furniture or surfaces with regular use. Heres what we suggest: 

  • With your home office now clutter free grab a microfibre cloth and some warm water. 
  • With precious equipment vital to your home office, we want to avoid any damage we also want to ensure optimum air quality by not using any synthetic chemicals within our work from home space. 
  • Use the dry cloth to wipe down your screens and keyboards. 
  • Rinse in the warm water and wipe down your desk area, bookshelves, windowsills. 
  • If you feel like tackling the windows as well, just use a little vinegar and warm water and a clean microfibre cloth. 

Having a clean and designated space to focus during your allocated work hours will help you work smarter, not harder. Not only that but you'll feel more engaged with your work as you'll feel at peace in your space. 

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