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Our Favourite Apps and Tips to Reduce Your Workweek

05 Jan 2024 0 Comments

Our Favorite Apps and Tips to Reduce Your Workweek

Struggling to carve out more personal time while managing your small business? It's no secret that the early years as a business owner are tough. Cashflow is limited, resources are thin and there are never enough hours or caffeine to get everything done! We get it. We're on this journey with you and we're sharing out hot tips to reduce your workweek. 

Here are some of our time saving Apps and sites that have shaved hours off our weeks without compromising productivity.

Apps for Streamlining Tasks:

  1. Trello: Organize tasks, collaborate with teams, and visualize workflows effortlessly.
  2. Asana: Streamline project management, delegate tasks, and track progress seamlessly.
  3. RescueTime: Analyze your digital habits, optimize time, and identify productivity patterns.
  4. Zapier: Automate repetitive tasks by connecting your favorite apps without coding skills.

Time Management Tips:

  1. Prioritize Tasks: Use the Eisenhower Matrix to distinguish urgent from important tasks. A great graphic and link below to Asana's run through on how to use it. 
  2. Time Blocking: Schedule dedicated blocks for specific tasks, boosting focus and efficiency.
  3. Set Boundaries: Establish strict working hours and stick to them to prevent burnout. This one is important! 
  4. Delegate Effectively: Trust your team and outsource tasks to free up your time. Spend your time on activities that move the needle, not just getting stuff done.

Productivity Boosters:

  1. Pomodoro Technique: Work in focused bursts, followed by short breaks to maintain productivity. Work with your energy - not a morning person? Work better after lunch? Plan your day around your energy not the standard 9-5. If you work better at 3pm after the school run, that's when you plan your most important tasks for the day. Working with your energy will reduce the hours taken to complete tasks.  
  2. Mindfulness Practices: Incorporate meditation or deep breathing exercises to enhance focus. Or.. just head out the back and sit in the sun. Sometimes we over think and over structure our days, if mindfulness feels like a scheduled chore you won't enjoy it. When you notice eye strain or start re reading things thats a clear sign that you've been at it for too long and you need a break. Aim to pop in and out a few times over the work day. 
  3. Single-Tasking: Avoid multitasking; focus on one task at a time for better results. This is the secret to getting things done. Move from I'm going to get 10 things done today to i'm going to complete each activity i start today. Often when we try to achieve 10 things - it just means we have 10 things half completed and we leave the office feeling like we haven't achieved anything. Start small, recognise what you did complete. 
  4. Regular Reviews: Assess your workflows regularly to optimize and eliminate inefficiencies. This one will get away from you. We put a not in the calendar each quarter to review processes. Remember you're spending time on these activities to reduce your workweek permanently. 

Efficiency-Driven Apps:

  1. Slack: Foster quick communication and collaboration among team members. A great tool as you can share channels with external people such as contractors. 
  2. Google Workspace: Streamline document creation, sharing, and real-time collaboration.
  3. Zoom: Efficiently conduct meetings, client calls, and team catch-ups remotely.
  4. Evernote: Capture ideas, organize notes, and stay on top of tasks effortlessly. Think digital notepad! 

Automation Advantages:

  1. HubSpot: Automate marketing efforts, manage customer relationships, and track interactions. A great solution for an all in one CRM/Marketing platform with great free resources. 
  2. QuickBooks: Automate accounting tasks, invoicing, and expense tracking for efficiency.
  3. Xero: Automate financial tasks, invoicing, and accounting processes for efficient financial management.
  4. SEMrush: Enhance SEO, track website performance, and gain insights for digital marketing strategies. Also great for scheduling social content across multiple channels. 
  5. Later: Schedule and plan social media content across multiple platforms for consistent and efficient posting.
  6. Buffer: Schedule social media posts across platforms to save time and maintain consistency.

Closing Thoughts:

Streamlining to reduce your workweek isn't just about working less; it's about working smarter. Experiment with these apps and implement the tips that resonate with your workflow. Embrace a more efficient work style, and watch your productivity soar while carving out that much-needed personal time. Here's to a more balanced work-life equation in 2024! 

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