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Triple Laptop screens - a solution for narrow spaces and travel.

17 Aug 2022 0 Comments

With members of our team working around children, travelling internationally or working with clients on their premises we needed a portable office solution that was durable and functional. What we found exceeded expectations. 

Everyone at the WFH team works from a laptop - we know that a desktop is recommended but the truth is we're never in the same place for too long. It's this freedom and flexibility that we love about our roles. But often, it can be difficult to complete tasks with only one screen. 

Our Extendable Dual Laptop Screens attach to your laptop without adhesive or clips that will damage or leave a mark to your laptop. The extendable bracket sits securely over your laptop screen and comes with a built in stand to prevent the laptop toppling. The extendable bracket allows you to adjust the screens to fit the size of your pre existing laptop screen. 

Once secured, each screen requires 2 cables that connect to your laptop. These help transfer the images and power the screens. If your laptop doesn't have two HDMI ports, you'll need to get an adapter to connect the second HDMI port. 

Additional support: We provide two 1 metre nylon cable tidies to make setup a breeze. Simply choose the correct cables for your laptop and load them into the cable tidies for either side. When you're ready to pack away, instead of having4 loose cables you now have 2 organised cable "bundles" that just need to be plugged back in when you setup next.  

Recommended extras: As the screens are a trifold configuration, when closed, one of the screens will be visible. To prevent damage we recommend one of our screen protector cases or a screen protector. 

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